Fun and Productive Stay-at-Home Activities

We can all acknowledge things have been a bit crazy in the world recently. In light of recent events, many of us have found ourselves spending a whole lot more time at home. While it might seem a bit gloomy and isolating, it’s actually a really wonderful opportunity to check things off your lists, accomplish those 95% done projects, and to tackle some fun, new activities!

I’ve put together a list of things I plan on doing while I’m at home. I’ll be sharing these daily on my Instagram stories and I’d love if you wanted to follow along!

Most of these projects are free, but some require ordering materials on Amazon. Shipping might be a bit delayed and every project will stay under $25.

Plant Herbs

It’s Spring! Planting herbs is a fun activity that is honestly so easy. Especially if you get a kit like this one off of Amazon. It comes with everything you could need. In a few weeks time, you’ll have fresh herbs for all the pasta you’ve been making the past few weeks! (Just me?)

Organize Your Closets

We all have a Monica closet. Or if you’re anything like me, all of your closets are Monica closets. It’s that one thing that is always on my to-do list in the back of my head. Ya know what? I finally tackled the office closet and it took TWENTY MINUTES. I have literally put this off for eight months to avoid 20 minutes worth of work. You got this. These bins are great for storage and organization and you get 9 for $38!

Finish Your 95%

I’ve heard someone call unfinished projects “95% projects” and it made complete sense to me. I have so many projects that I focus on until they’re good enough to call done but still have some little things left (Looking at you, primed and unpainted baseboards). Now is the time to make it 100%. Go around your house and make a list of anything you started and didn’t finish on your house. Go through the list and finish those projects!

Try New Recipes

This is something that doesn’t get me crazy excited (I’m no chef), but I have been wanting to attempt baking macarons for years now. There’s so many easy recipes out there, find something you’ve been wanting to try and go for it. I’ll be following this Buzzfeed Tasty video. Fingers crossed…

Create a Gallery Wall

This is something I do when I want to switch up my wall decor. I always have a random collection of art or picture frames that aren’t in use, so next week I plan on putting it all together and filling the blank wall in my guest bedroom (or office…still not sure yet)

Do an At-Home Workout

When I was working at my office, there was a gym in the building so I literally had no excuse not to workout after work. Now…it’s easy for me to come out of this saying I didn’t workout at all because I was trapped inside. But my body will not thank me for that and neither will my jeans. I highly recommend Sarah’s Day on youtube. She’s a health/fitness you-tuber who occasionally posts workout videos you can do from home. Following her videos actually make me sore the next day. Here’s a 15 minute boxing workout if you’re interested.

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