Inspired Me Lately

“Inspired me lately” is a way for me to share a collection of artists, accounts and creators that have, you guessed it, inspired me lately. As a designer, I am constantly seeking inspiration and finding it all around me. I can’t get enough of seeing something that makes me feel something. It’s my hope that by sharing some beauty with you, you’ll feel inspired too. 

So grab your favorite drink of choice, turn on your favorite playlist (I’m currently loving this one), and get inspired! Happy Friday, babes.

1. Carley Page Summers

Carley is a new follow for me recommended by the incredible Drew from @LoneFoxHome. The second I saw her page on Instagram, I found myself falling down a rabbit hole of inspiration and saving every single photo. She started out as a photographer and her love of capturing beautiful scenes led her to capturing beautiful interiors. Now, she creates them.

Carley’s style embraces the transitional, neutral vibe that is wildly popular right now while adding her own unique, vintage spin on it. Her home is a collection of mouth-watering moulding details, natural textures, vintage finds and pure artistry.

She just announced that her family will be moving soon and I cannot wait to see what she does with her new home. For more inspiration from Carley, find her here.

2. Jenni Yolo

If you’re tired of hearing me reference @ispyDIY that’s just too damn bad. Since starting my home account on Instagram, I have learned so much from the many DIYers I follow and Jenni has taught me more than anyone! She’s a designer based in Milwaukee that is living the dream! Jenni and her husband own several 120+ yr old homes that they’ve turned into the most amazing Airbnbs. She gets to explore color on a whole new level with her rental homes, while living in a beautiful, neutral-lovers vintage paradise with her sweet family.

Jenni has a knack for painting rooms bold and unexpected colors that make you scratch your head at first only to soon realize they are breathtaking. Basically, she’s a creative fairy godmother granting wishes we didn’t even know we had in the form of beautiful, unexpected spaces. Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself.

Exhibit A: Mauvey Brown! Color is “Modern Mocha” by Behr
Exhibit B: Eggplant!! Color is “Brinjal” by Farrow & Ball

See what I mean?? Not that I have to further argue why Jenni is a constant inspiration to me, but here’s some more work of hers that really speaks for itself.

3. Ashley Petrone

Oh man, this is an easy one! Ashley and her husband Dino are truly just beautiful people. Their love and lust for life is infectious and her eye for design is truly a gift. Ashley isn’t afraid to go with her gut and everything she does is so intentional. Ashley’s family spent some time living in a trailer and she so often reflects on how it taught them to focus on the important stuff.

The Petrones are a FUN follow. They live intentionally, design with passion, share their hearts and love God. All that feel-good stuff! They are currently expecting their fourth child which is such a blessing for them and it’s been so inspiring to follow along on their journey.

They are also in the middle of renovating a big-time fixer upper and the results are really SO GOOD!

4. A Beautiful Mess

Elsie and Emma are two sisters navigating the “beautiful mess” of life together and sharing their passions with the rest of us via their podcast, social media, blog and many other platforms. They’ve written several books, created a few successful apps and they’ve been my go-to podcast during my afternoon walk with Zeus (my dog).

Their mission is to help their audience “stay home and make something” which has never been more applicable than now! The “make something” aspect refers to the countless recipes, DIYs, home decor tips and other creative ideas they’ve shared. They’re a fun listen and I highly recommend the podcast if you’re looking for some encouragement and day-to-day lifestyle tips. Hearing them talk about fall has me breaking out the pumpkin spice and blasting my AC so I can wear sweaters every day (Texas hasn’t gotten the memo).

Their feed is full of all the bright + happy vibes you need during those long days at work or WFH.

So that’s a wrap on this week’s “Inspired Me Lately.” I hope you leave here feeling inspired and ready to create. If you have any recommendations for the next post, drop them in the comments. I’d love to hear who has been inspiring you lately!

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

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