Weekend Cleaning Checklist: Free Step-by-Step Guide

Call me obsessive, but if my house isn’t cleaned on the weekends my anxiety will be at an all time high. I’ll probably snap at my husband somewhere in between finding a sock in the middle of the floor and an empty drinking glass in the living room. To prevent this, I’ve implemented a routine to keep my house clean, plants watered and marriage happy. Join me and follow along in my home cleaning guide or scroll to the bottom and download a FREE printable cleaning checklist!

If you enjoy feeling accomplished by lunchtime, starting your weekend on a fresh note and relaxing in a clean house then this is for you! So grab a cup of coffee, put your favorite playlist on, and join me in my satisfying, weekend clean.

Start with the living spaces–junk tends to pile up in the areas that are most lived in- i.e. dishes in the sink, blankets around the living room etc.

  1. Play “pick-up.” Go around your living areas and put away everything that doesn’t belong. Dishes in the dishwasher, clothes in the laundry etc. Clear off all the surface areas. Tip: This is also a good time to throw your linens in the wash! Strip your beds, grab your dirty towels and get a load going while you clean.
  2. Wipe down surfaces. Now that you’re cleared off all your surfaces, go through with a rag and some all-purpose spray and get those tables/windowsills clean and sparkly. This might be my favorite step. There are few things I love more than a shiny, clean countertop!
  3. Tackle the floors. Oh it’s looking good now– but don’t stop here! Grab your vacuum (I highly recommend the Dyson Cordless) and clean those floors. Tip: If you’re working with rugs or carpeted spaces, sprinkling some carpet fresh (or baking soda and essential oils) on your floors before vacuuming helps get in those high-pile areas and leaves the room smelling soo good!
  4. Final touches– fluff your pillows, fold your blankets and light your candles because your living spaces look spotless!

Now it’s time to tackle bedrooms. It might look the worst to begin with, but it’s going to be a breeze, I swear.

  1. Make the bed. (If you put the linens in the wash, skip this step and come back when they’re done). There’s nothing quite like a freshly made bed to make you feel like you have your life together. I think I read somewhere that people that make their beds every morning are more successful. Science? Not quite sure, but I’ll keep it up and let you know.
  2. Pick up and put away. I’m looking at you, chair in the corner with a pile of clothes. And you, lone sock sticking halfway under the bed. Everything has a home and now is the time to put everything back where it belongs. (Arguably the worst part–if you’re anything like me you’ll probably just throw all those clothes in the dirty laundry basket instead of sorting. Lazy? maybe. Efficient? You bet).
  3. Floors and surfaces. Remember these steps from before? wipe down tables, carpet fresh and vacuum. Thank me later.
  4. Final touches.

What’s that? You’re done with the bedrooms?! Look at you- you cleaned all the big spaces in your house! You overachiever, you. It’s not even noon and you’ve practically organized your whole life.

I finish up with bathrooms. No one likes this part but you’re SO CLOSE to being done. Don’t give up now. You know the drill…

  1. Pick up and put away
  2. Clean surfaces
  3. Deep clean the nasty stuff. I use my all-purpose spray on the toilet and then scrub the sides and inside the bowl. It’s gross, but necessary.
  4. Curse under your breath at your husband’s beard hairs (you can skip this step).
  5. vacuum and mop floors

Now pat yourself on the back, look around at your beautiful, clean home and be proud of what you just did. You’ve given yourself every excuse to do absolutely nothing the whole rest of the weekend! Go out with friends–you earned it! (Or lay on the couch and wait for an acceptable drinking time and toss back a bottle of wine like I do)

Thanks for checking out this post and if you want to follow along while you clean, download my FREE printable cleaning checklist below!

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