Inspired Me Lately

“Inspired me lately” is a blog series where I share a collection of artists, accounts and creators that have, you guessed it, inspired me lately. I am constantly seeking inspiration and it’s my hope that by sharing this with you, you’ll feel inspired too. 

So grab your favorite drink of choice, turn on your favorite playlist and get inspired! Happy Friday, babes.

1. Amanda Lilholt

I have been working on putting together a creative workspace in my home and while browsing inspiration on Pinterest, I stumbled across Amanda’s work. It’s creative, unique, simplistic and speaks volumes. Amanda is a furniture designer and interior enthusiast who runs her own business, Studio Amanda Lilholt, based in Denmark. Her furniture designs are so stunning and her interiors follow suit.

“I strive to design furniture and objects which can interact with each other. That way it’s possible to create an interesting and harmonious space.”

Amanda Lilholt

Her home office space is really what drew me to her work. Rather than hiding the cords and books for a perfect photograph, she manages to have it live as a part of the beauty.

Amanda’s work is real, it’s lived in and it’s beautiful.

2. Cass Smith

Cass is the perfect example of a “fearless DIYer.” She is constantly inspiring me by her energy, determination and beautiful work. She is in the process of making her house a home one DIY at a time. She built a dresser (!!!) with her own two hands, painted the exterior of her house with an injured back, and constantly tackles intimidating projects with the most amazing results.

I first discovered Cass about a year ago when someone shared her moody bedroom. I love how she took a dark color and still managed to make the room feel bright and welcoming. I particularly love the small silhouettes above the bed. The size is unique but perfect.

And in case you’re curious, this is the dresser she BUILT FROM SCRATCH.

I really wish she hadn’t built a dresser because we’ve been looking for one for almost a year now and now I’m convinced we have to build one. Whoops.

3. Anastasia Casey

Anastasia is the creative genius behind the Identité Collective and IDCO Studio.

IDCO Studio is a creative agency in Austin, TX that provides interior designers with creative marketing services. The Identité Collective is Anastasia’s blog that provides endless interior inspiration. Her home is amazing and utilizes vertical lines and neutral textures to add visual interest to every space. The beauty is truly in the details when it comes to Anastasia’s work.

She recently renovated her bathroom and I have no words.

She also shares her weekly meal plans and grocery lists on her blog and while I would never attempt anything so ambitious in the kitchen, everything she makes looks incredible! If cooking is your thing, that’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

4. Alexandra Gater

Alexandra is seriously the easiest person to write about! I found her a few years ago on YouTube when she was working for Chatelaine producing DIY and decor videos. Now she runs her own YouTube channel and business inspiring her viewers to make their spaces beautiful without having to spend a ton of money.

Alexandra brings a special vibrancy to everything she does. She loves pink, pom poms, this Ikea light, and her two cats. (Which isn’t really my style whatsoever, but if anyone could convince me otherwise–it’s Alexandra!)

She has completely transformed her rental apartment in Toronto! If you’re renting and wondering how you can personalize your space, you should definitely check out her content!

She updated her rental kitchen with new knobs, peel-and-stick backsplash and a few other touches that made such a big difference!

Alexandra’s channel is full of the most satisfying rental makeovers like this beautiful kitchen!

Okay so that’s a wrap for this week’s “inspired me lately” series. I hope you love these inspiring women as much as I do and find yourself lost in all the beauty for a while. Thanks for sticking around Campbell House, you’re always welcome here!

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

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