2021 Gift Guide: For Him

In my experience, guys are tough to shop for. Taylor is SO particular about things. So this year, I had him sit down and create a list of both his favorite items, and items that are on his wishlist this year. It’s a combination of tools, clothing items, and some really niche manly things? At the very least, these are great gifts for the DIYer or tech lover in your life. In case you’re a little on the fence, he goes into a brief detail about why he loves these products. Happy gifting!

  1. Milwaukee Utility Knife – $9

When it comes to projects, being able to have a sharp knife handy is so important. This Milwaukee fastback is my favorite. Specifically the compact size and light weight. 

2. Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax – $13.95

This car soap is fantastic for getting your car clean and the wax keeps it clean even longer. I have been using this on my cars and boats for a number of years. It works great and is also biodegrade.

Bonus Points: A car wash bucket for an extra $10

3. Milwaukee Ratcheting Screwdriver Bundle – $29.97

Often overlooked, a good ratcheting screw driver makes all the difference. These Milwaukee ones are absolutely sublime. Unlike other ratcheting screw drivers, they utilize long bits so it can be used in tight places. The short one is great for removing flat had screws on light switch plates. 

4. Apple Airtag – $29

Too many uses to list. I keep one in my luggage when I travel, have one on my dog’s collar, and one keeps my bike safe. Airtags rely on the massive number of apple devices to securely communicate their position to you even when they are out of the range of your devices. They can even be made to “ring” if you need a little help finding them. 

Bonus points: A keychain holder

5. Anker 6ft phone charging cable – $14.99

Twice as long as a normal apple cable and ten times as durable, these cables are incredibly convenient. Paired with a USB-C charger, they can safe your day in a pinch. 

Bonus Points: Pair it with an Anker Nano Charger – the size of the old apple cube chargers, this one is 4x as fast. $16.99 

6. D4V2 (Fancy Flashlight) – $45

Fire, RGB, and all the modes is my 6 word description of the Emisar D4V2. This light is so bright that it can literally start fires. It has a user interface that takes a little getting used to but allows the user to change the color of the RGB, enter different lighting modes, and configure how the flashlight behaves. The light smoothly ramps its brightness up and down as you hold the switch allowing you to make the light as dim as a candle, as bright as car, or anywhere in between. Get the “raised switch” to avoid the light literally catching your pants on fire. I recommend the “SST-20 4000K 95 CRI” LED/Tint option for the most appealing light output, but if you just want a “photon-cannon” get the “Neutral White – XP-L Hi 5000K.”

7. Logitech G502 Mouse – $99.99

Many gamers overlook one of the most important parts of their gaming setup–the mouse. The wireless version of the famous G502, this light speed version has all the benefits of wireless, with none of the lag. It feels incredibly well built, has lots of programmable buttons, and of course, RGB lighting. This mouse will impress the recipient and their friends for years to come.

Bonus Points: Never charge again with the Logitech Power Play Mouse Pad, which charges as you game. In the 3 years I’ve owned my light speed mouse, I’ve never once had to plug it in to charge. – $119

8. Apple AirPods Pro – $189.99

Riley gifted me my AirPods pros as upgrade from my old AirPods a couple years ago. I now grab them every time I leave the house. They have all the performance of my beloved Bose QC35’s but none of the bulk. They allow me to zone out at gym and at work. 

Bonus Points: Protect them from accidental damage with AppleCare – $29

9. Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver Combo – $229

Not gonna lie to you folks, I’ve gone a little overboard on the tools. I own the biggest, baddest drills and drivers, yet these M12 Fuel units are my absolute favorite. They are incredible powerful, yet small and convenient to use. While my M18 fuel drill and driver collect dust, you’ll peep these actually being used in our projects. 

10. Tecovas Boots – The Jake – $245

My favorite pair of boots, improved. I’ve enjoyed my Tecovas for several years now. They are comfortable, stylish, and exceptionally well made. This new pair features rubber soles which are much appreciated as one clambers down the metal bleachers after a big SEC football win! Or you know, anywhere else where slipping and falling is frowned upon.

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

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