Simple and Affordable Thanksgiving Table Design

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been running around getting the house clean, meals prepped, and errands run before you ever stopped to think about how to decorate the table for Thanksgiving. Well, this year I decided to throw all the fuss out the window and go with a simple and affordable Thanksgiving table design that still feels special when paired with good food and great company.


  • 4-5 different bunches of greenery (I used eucalyptus, golden rods and some other large stems)
  • five vessels for greenery
  • various sized candles
  • plates, flatware and napkins

Florals: In between my many errands and grocery store runs, I picked up some greenery at Whole Foods. I chose four different types of greenery for a total of around $20. To keep it simple, I collected five different vessels from around the house (any shape and size will do) for holding the greenery. I filled the vases to my liking and placed the largest one in the middle, then layered the others on either side of it down the table.

Candles: Rather than buying candles, I rifled through my decor closet and picked out any white candles I could find. I ended up using a combination of pillar candles and tapered candlesticks.

Table Setting: I kept this really simple with a dinner plate, linen napkin, and salad plate on top. I placed the flatware beside the plates, lit the candles and called it done!

This is just a really simple and budget-friendly way to dress up your dinner table. On Thanksgiving day, this table grows a few leaves and our dining room becomes a mismatch of chairs, drinks, and conversation. I am counting down the hours now! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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