Free Master Bedroom Refresh: Gallery Wall + DIY Art

While I’m finding myself spending more time at home, I’m also finding ways to update my spaces with what I have on-hand. When we first moved in I was so eager to decorate that I just used whatever I could find to fill the walls without really keeping each individual room in mind. After browsing Pinterest for the 1,000th time I noticed the bedrooms I was drawn to were calm and understated with beautiful, curated art decorating the walls. Whereas I had a long picture ledge filled with whatever pieces I thought would work. So I set out to tackle a free master bedroom refresh using DIY art and pieces I loved to create a meaningful gallery wall.

Step one was to start with a blank canvas. I removed the large frame I had above the bed and the long picture ledges I had along the wall.

Step two was to find pieces I had on hand that really spoke to me. I always loved the painting of the rosemary sprig I had there before so I opted to keep that. I added in a painting I bought at Goodwill for $7 a few months back that pictured a peaceful landscape and neutral color scheme. I loved this small piece from the Studio Mcgee + Target collection. Then I ran out of art.

You can’t exactly have a gallery wall with three pieces, so in came the DIY.

DIY Framed Pages

I had an older wooden frame with nothing inside of it, so I spray painted it black and searched my house for books I could tear pages from with meaningful messages. I decided to go with two pages from Pride and Prejudice (one of my favorites). I chose the scene where Elizabeth finally admits to Mr. Darcy that somehow over time she’d found herself growing to love him. If you’ve seen the movie with Keira Knightley, they’re standing together in a field at sunset. It felt perfect to display on my wall.

Lastly, I added a basket and plant clipping for texture and saw it all come together.

For above the bed, I found an inspiration photo of a long shelf above a bed with greenery. It was calm, simple and exactly what I wanted. I used a shelf I already had, spray painted it black to blend into the wall and decorated it with simple greenery and other textures.

With just a few small updates to my wall art, the master bedroom as a whole feels more calming to me now. The Pride and Prejudice pages make me smile and the blend of vintage and new makes my heart sing. I used what I had on hand to create what I wanted in my space for free and I’m so pleased with the outcome. How do you think I did? Would you attempt some DIY art in your home?

If you’re looking for other free, home updates to do while you’re stuck inside, I shared a tutorial for my DIY painted wallpaper in my dining room, check it out!

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