Black Friday Deals: Our Favorite Starter Tools

Happy Holidays everyone! Here are a few Black Friday deals from Home Depot that Taylor personally recommends! We own and use every tool (or one directly comparable to it) on this list and consider them our favorite starter tools for any DIY or Home Project! If you have any questions about them, feel free to send a message to the @campbell_house_ instagram account!

Handy Tools $50 and Under

Milwaukee 450 Lumen Headlamp $29.88

Headlamps are one of the most useful but also most overlooked tools one can have. The brilliance of a headlamp is that the light is produced is at eye level meaning that you are never looking at a shadow. There are cheaper headlamps available than this Milwaukee, but it’s light output is sublime. It casts an extremely wide flood with a pleasant, even distribution of light. Additionally, it features “TRUEVIEW”, which is Milwaukee’s branding for “High CRI” lighting meaning that the light has a natural tint making it easy to see colors and detail unlike some of the cheaper “blue” led lights many of us have experienced.

Dewalt Quick Trigger Clamps $29.97

Trigger clamps are a must have for anyone working with lumber. We bought a 4 pack just like this one last year and we have gotten a ton of use out of them. We use our clamps to clamp materials together while we install fasteners or allow glue to dry. Unlike other types of clamps, trigger clamps are extremely fast and easy to deploy. This kit includes two 12″ clamps with 300 pounds of clamping force each and two 6″ clamps with 100 pounds of clamping force each. We can never go back to anything else after using these clamps!

Bosch Self Leveling Laser Level $39.88

Anyone who has followed us has surely seen how much we love our self leveling laser. Self leveling lasers can be used to straighten single items or to align multiple items together. Simply set the laser on a tripod or mount using the included clamp and turn it on. The laser will swing for a few seconds until it finds level and will cast perfectly level horizontal and vertical laser lines onto your work surface. We have used it to perfectly mask walls, level shelving, and align trim & molding.

Handy Tools $100 and Under

Multiposition Ladder $79.88

We bought a multi-position ladder last year during Black Friday and it has been incredibly useful! These ladders fill just about every role one could need for a single or two story house (This is our only ladder and has full-filled everything from accessing the ceiling in our 2 story foyer to trimming trees to painting walls on our staircase). They can be used on stairs, unfolded to serve as an extension ladder, and used in all kinds of configurations in between. While it is heavier than a standard fiberglass or aluminum step ladder, it does have higher weight capabilities and steps on both sides. Ultimately, their versatility makes them a great second ladder for someone who already has a fiberglass step ladder or the primary ladder for someone who is comfortable with hauling around the 30 pound ladder’s extra heft.

Lutron Caseta Smart Light Switch Starter Kit $79.95

We love our smart home (Taylor thinks it’s one of the most impressive things about our place). We have the whole house programmed to scenes which we can operate by voice. This makes it possible to give a single command in place of walking around adjusting light switches and dimmers for your whole home. In our opinion, these Caseta switches are the best way to do it. There are cheaper smart lighting options (and we have tried several) but nothing else offers the reliability and ease of use that Caseta does. This kit includes the required base station, one switch, and a wireless remote that can be used separately or installed in a switch plate if you want to add a second control.

Handy Tools $200 and Under

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill and Driver Combo $179

Whether you are looking to purchase tools to start your DIY journey, or looking to upgrade from your current power tools, the M12 Fuel Hammer Drill and Impact driver are our absolute favorite power tools. You will find our little M12 drill hiding in the background of many of our posts. It is Taylor’s absolute favorite drill at any price point. Included in the combo is an impact driver which is an absolute luxury for those driving fasteners as well as 4.0 AH battery that will further extend the already generous runtime of the standard 2.0 batteries. 10/10 recommend.

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

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