ORC Week 4: Bathroom Progress

Last week marked the end of bathroom demo. This week, we finally started putting the bathroom back together. The progress doesn’t look like much, but we are one big step closer to tiling the floor! If this is your first visit to my little corner of the internet–welcome! I’m Riley and I’m tearing my house apart one room at a time. More recently, I started renovating my bathroom for the Spring One Room Challenge. Week 4 marks the halfway point of the challenge and truthfully, we are nowhere near halfway done. I’m just hoping once we get the tile down on the floor everything will come together quickly. Until then, here’s an update on our ORC Week 4 bathroom progress–


  1. Continued shiplap around half the bathroom
  2. Purchased faucets (!!!)
  3. shiplap
  4. shiplap
  5. shiplap

So, yes. We nailed, caulked and filled $600 worth of shiplap around the left side of the bathroom. I wish I had more to show you today BUT I do have a fun progress shots for you–

Keep in mind that it’s still very much a work-in-progress, but you can see visible improvement! I’m calling that a win.


  1. Finish prepping the drywall for tile
  2. Level and prep the subfloor
  3. Tile the left side of the room
  4. paint the shiplap

Now I know this is a lot to ask of one week. There’s no guarantee we will have the floor tile done any time soon, but I’m going with wishful thinking. Thank you for sticking around and keeping up with this wild project of mine. Until next week’s check-in, be sure to take a look at the other One Room Challenge participants. I’ve been so impressed by what my virtual friends have been up to!

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