ORC Week 3: Bathroom Update

We are officially done with bathroom demo! Several weeks of demo doesn’t exactly make for satisfying progress photos, but it sure feels good to have everything cleared out. If you’re a little late to the party and want to catch up on the previous two weeks of our bathroom renovation, I’ll link them below. Otherwise, all you really need to know is that we are renovating our bathroom in 8 weeks for the Spring One Room Challenge.


The first two weeks we worked on the design plans and cleared out the space. Last you saw, the bathroom looked like this–

Yikes, I know. This week, we started putting the space back together and addressed some problems that came up during demo. Here’s a recap of everything we accomplished.

Week 3 Recap

  1. Removed all the tile and cement board
  2. Added additional support to a rotted joist under the subfloor
  3. Repaired damaged subfloor
  4. Updated the closet door trim
  5. Started installing vertical shiplap on the walls

Unfortunately, while everything we accomplished really needed to be done, it wasn’t any of the fun stuff. The only visible progress we made was installing the shiplap and updating the door trim. We started with the closet wall this morning, so here’s what that looks like now–

I know it doesn’t look like much, but progress is progress! (Don’t worry, we will fill the holes and caulk the seams.)

What’s Up Next

This coming week, we have a whole lot more shiplap to install and a few things to do to prep the floors for tile.

  1. Install new cement backer board throughout the floors
  2. Pick a bathtub (!!!)
  3. Order faucets and tile
  4. Install shiplap (in half the room)
  5. Purchase and install light fixture

I’m going to cap that list at five before I start to hyperventilate. Pray for us this week–it’s gonna be a doozy. Until then, be sure to check out the other projects underway for the One Room Challenge, and keep up with my bathroom renovation progress on Instagram. I’ll be sharing all the dirty details in stories!

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