ORC Week 2: Bathroom Demo

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we started destroying our bathroom! Time flies when you’re knee deep in dust and debris. Here, let me catch you up.

If you’re new here–hi! I’m Riley! One week ago I convinced my poor husband to start renovating our bathroom for the Spring One Room Challenge. We’ve been DIYing our way through (almost) every room in our house since we got the keys in Fall of 2018. Until one week ago, the only room that remained completely untouched was our primary bathroom. I’ve had the design plans in my head almost since the beginning, and now we finally get to bring them to life. Here’s what we are working with:

Now it’s time for the scary pictures. We kicked off demo day on Sunday by removing the mirror and the vanity.

We were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the drywall. While we plan on installing vertical shiplap throughout the room, I’m still glad I won’t have to do too much drywall repair.

Once we removed the vanity, we moved on to the shower and the tub. This is where I start singing my poor husband’s praises, because this was no simple task. The shower came off in large panels, but the bathtub was another story. We decided that cutting the tub into sections would be the easiest way to remove it. Pro tip: If you decide to do this, get yourself a respirator and some good eye and ear protection.

This brings us to the current state of our bathroom. Prepare yourself for what you’re about to see. I think my new mantra is “it always gets worse before it gets better.” At this point, I really need that to be true.

Now you’re officially all caught up! Here’s another look at the design plans so you know what to expect in the coming weeks–

Next week, we will finish removing the tile and hopefully get started on installing the shiplap! I’m hoping we can the room to feel like an actual room sometime soon. Until then, be sure to check out the other One Room Challenge participants on the ORC blog!

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