DIY Vertical Shiplap Entry Way Update

This week I decided to tackle our sad garage entry way. We haven’t touched this space since we moved in and the flat, grey stained walls were really starting to stick out against the clean white of the rest of the downstairs. So with a can of paint, vertical shiplap and some trim I gave this space a clean and functional facelift. Here are all the details for how we achieved this DIY vertical shiplap entry way update.

Here is a view of the entry way before:

It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. I drew inspiration from some beautiful spaces I’ve seen lately like this hallway from Ashley Petrone @Arrowsandbow

I love that Ashley chose to do contrast trim on the doors and door trim, while still leaving the baseboards white. This is something I could easily do to this space since the baseboards and walls throughout the downstairs are already white and I need to find some way to make the three doors in this small hallway work stylistically. Down the road I plan to replace our brass doorknobs with some black modern ones like these Schlage ones from Amazon.

I started by painting the hallway “Polar Bear” by Behr and creating a feature on the back wall using shiplap. I saw this mud room design on Pinterest from “The Wild Decoelis” and knew this design would be a great option for our space.

I cut five 8ft. shiplap boards in half and installed them vertically under a 1×5 horizontal board. I’ll include the time lapse below. If you look closely, I tried to nail into the lips of the boards to prevent having to fill too many nail holes.

Once this step was done, we just had to install the baseboards, caulk and paint! After painting the shiplap accent “Roman Plaster” by Behr, I used these hooks from Home Depot on the top piece so we could hang jackets/bags when we come in the door. Here’s the finished product!

As a fun addition, I used some watercolors to paint a very simple landscape, tore the edges for a more organic look and stuck it in a gold Ikea frame I purchased a while back for $10. It was the perfect little touch in this space.

I’m really loving updating our house little by little with small projects like this one that make a big impact. I recently created a plant propagation centerpiece for my dining table that was so simple but made a statement. If you want to check it out, you can find all the details here.

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  1. Paul Mueller says:

    Love the detail including the inspiration sources and the clip with the actual ship lap installation, then the finished product and the water color piece. Nice work!

  2. Haley says:

    Thanks for sharing! I had a couple questions…did you remove your baseboard and then reinstall it over top of the shiplap? And then for the shiplap boards that didn’t fit perfectly into the edge of the wall, what kind of saw did you use to trim it vertically?

    • Riley Campbell says:

      Hey Haley! So yes, we installed the baseboard on top of the shiplap. However, you can definitely just install the shiplap by lining it up to the top of the baseboard when you install! We don’t have a table saw so we ripped one board down with a circular saw. We clamped a straight edge to the board where we wanted the cut so we could run the saw along that for a straight cut. Hopefully this makes sense! it’s hard to explain via writing haha.

      • Perkins says:

        I love the colors and the shiplap texture, but I would make the picture frame black. I really like the look of bring a color around in small areas.

  3. Randi says:

    How tall are your ceilings? I like these proportions. I’m working with a 9ft ceiling and I don’t know how high to make the shiplap.

  4. Jackie Wallace says:

    This is amazing! Such a big impact with such a small project! I love it. You have totally inspired me to recreate this in my entryway. I am doing some hardwood floor refinishing this month in my home here in Cherry Hill, NJ and once that is all done this is next on my list! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Liz says:

    Love this so much! What color paint did you use for your shiplap?

  6. […] looks like an easy thing to do. Although not technically board and batten, I also really like this vertical shiplap, and this design reminds me of what we had in the dining room on Sutton Place. […]

  7. […] looks like an easy thing to do. Although not technically board and batten, I also really like this vertical shiplap, and this design reminds me of what we had in the dining room on Sutton Place. […]

  8. Taylor says:

    What did you nail the boards into? Drywall?

  9. Taylor says:

    I love that you made the artwork above it. That’s really cool! If I hadn’t read the blog I would have assumed it was a collection print or something!

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